Here are both sides after the bowties have been cut out; the actual bowties are on the left. I glued them in the holes tying the leg together (more on that tomorrow). Notice, the center bowtie is a different color, this is a piece of scrap from the top.

I have a client, JC who ask for a couple of furniture items to be made for his office. The first piece that I will build is his desk. It is very simple when it comes to a desk, but when it comes down to the finer details, it becomes a time consumer. The slab of wood (walnut) is to be used as the top of the desk; parts will be cut off (as the piece of wood is to big for the space). As we go on I will use 95% of this beautiful piece.

Here I have hand cut bowties in one side of the right leg, these will be used to tie the two parts the leg together.

Here we have it after the glue up, with a light sanding. I will run it through the belt sander and it will even out the wood.

Next the left leg; left, the pieces before construction notice the hand cut through mortise and tenon. Below left, leg after glue up, it still needs to be shaped with a grinder. Below, the end grains of the through tenon (nice tight fit).